You Trip & Socks Run Marathon ep (2012)

by The Blossom Shed

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After completing the 'Loves young nightmare' ep, ACS wanted to create a much lighter batch of songs making use of simpler chord structures and stripped back instrumentation. The bulk of the ep was recorded by the end of spring 2012 ('surf's up' was recorded in a day) with a view to capturing a relaxed "summery" feel, envisaged by the notion of driving around the countryside of ACS's home town in his Morris Minor. However, having written the songs at the start of the year, lyrically the songs express his feelings of disillusionment that can occur at a certain point in a young persons life/career, coupled with the troubled optimism that can come with trying to start afresh.

PARENTAL WARNING: The song 'Holiday song' contains swearing within the lyrical content.

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released November 29, 2012

Written, produced & recorded by Andrew C Salt © 2012, except brass arrangement on 'Holiday Song', written by Andrew C Salt & John Hazlehurst. Brass arrangement performed by the Stone Brass Band, and recorded with the help of Laurence Wells (
Special thanks must go to Lizzie Hazlehurst and her dad John. Thanks especially to John who had the time & patience to maintain an email correspondence, in order to iron out the arrangement for the brass band.
Guest vocals on 'yt&srm' by Helena Raby (



all rights reserved


The Blossom Shed UK

The Blossom Shed is the musical vehicle of Andrew C Salt, with the help of some talented friends along the way. Launched in the summer of 2011, The Blossom Shed's aim is to showcase honest and intelligent music without the restraints of adhering to specific genres.

"Nothing helps a man to reform like thinking of the past with regret." Fyodor Dostoevsky, 'The Idiot'
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Track Name: chapter 1
January washed over me a sea of hope
If I'd foreseen the tsunami I'd have built a boat
Wipe the salt from my eyes, I don't want to drift with the tide

For I can see the land ahead, the open roads
If I can keep my head above, and stay afloat...
I can get to the car and drive!
There's no looking back this time

I had a girl, I broke her heart
The love remains 'cos she was the first one

January threw at me a lightning bolt...
There's nothing more than to love and be loved!

She went away, she had to go
I kept the flame 'cos she was the first one
Track Name: surf's up
I sit and flick through the channels on tv
my facebook page hasn't aged in hours it seems
so if you're passing my way, I'll be down here all day
we can always do something

my mind lacks the vigour of drive it bothers me
my arse has a habit of stopping me from leaving
so if you're passing my way, I'll be down here all day
we can always do something
Track Name: holiday song
Dreams keep me from sleep, days stuck in repeat.
I forget the last time that my mind switched off while in sobriety.

I can't stop dreaming, so fuck it I'm leaving.
It's tough I know, for I have found that lessons learnt the hardest way are more profound.

So bid the flora goodbye.
Leave no footprints behind.
On our way to find a better state of heart and mind.
Tell my family and friends that I'll be fine.